Encounters with Spirits is a book I wrote about a time of intense and repeated visitations by God, angels and demons that happened between 2008 and 2014. This volume covers the events that happened between 2008 and the northern spring of 2013. The events took place mainly in France and Canada, but also during visits to Kenya. I have written this book mainly because it became clear that God intended it to be written. I have also written it because I want to encourage those of the household of God. Your God reigns. As well, I am desperate for as many people as possible to avoid going to hell. I have tasted the torments of hell and do not wish them on you. When I started writing these accounts, I thought the demons would kill me. God has given me to live to tell the tale. Now, I would like to see as many as will humble themselves come to an understanding of their transcendent inheritance and the inexpressible love of God for them that is in Christ.